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Have you ever wondered about the afterlife?
Is there one?
Will I have wings?
 Will it be too hot to handle?
 Or will I come back as someone or something else?
Well, Richard Ross hadn’t. Well, not so you’d notice.
But that didn’t stop the afterlife from coming to look for him.
Richard Ross, joiner, part-time local football referee, ordinary man, is about to get a shock. It’s time to meet the relatives. But guess what? They’re all dead.
Even worse, they are his past lives and all share the same soul - his!
With help from his Strange Relations, an angel named Joe, and Roberta (Australopithecus Robustus), Richard has to learn the last lesson of life so all will be allowed to journey towards the Light.
Richard is the last of a very long line and everyone’s last chance.
One small problem, though; Richard is in a coma
and time is fast running out.


‘Impossible!’ blurted the Chaplain.
     ‘Why?’ said Geoff, ‘thirty-nine years ago, I’d have said it impossible for me to be sitting in a room talking to three ghosts. Let alone be one.’
     ‘That was improbable, not impossible,’ argued the Chaplain. ‘What I mean is that it’s impossible for a ghost to occupy a mortal’s dead body, even if they do share the same Soul.’
     ‘But Richard isn’t dead,’ Laura pointed out as gently as possible.
     The Chaplain fell quiet; it was all going way past his understanding.


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