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Danrite Willocky


 There’s life.
There shouldn’t be.

Creator Brown has been at it again.
But then, what can you expect from someone who occasionally 
ignores the odd zero; especially as he happens to work in billions and trillions.

But Brown is the least of the problems for the Chief Creator who has just been handed other disturbing news. 
The Anarchist is about to rise; from certain bits of wreckage.

Serpens the self deluded self proclaimed tutu wearing Anarchist, banished from the Hall of Creators for certain improprieties and as punishment doomed to travel the Universe for all time in a claustrophobic meteorite with his meathead minions has, as luck would have it, crash-landed on Browns misaligned calamity.

Time for a plan - something he’s not very good at - to escape the planet and pursue his doubtful claim to be ruler of the Universe.
But it is going to take time; a whole evolution of it.

Enter man.
To be precise Musca “the explosion was nothing to do with me” soot smeared
idiot son of the very recently deceased Chieftain.

He plans to take the survivors of a certain devastating incident to a mythical land called OHM - there’s no place like it.

Trouble is they don’t want to go.
Not with him anyway.

Let the lunacy begin!


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