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Everyone is in a flap
The Jams gone missing!
The first pot ever made by the Ladies Institute.
And to make things worse if it’s not found quickly
the LISPS (The Ladies Institute’s version of the SAS)
and the BIMBO’s (A special force of Magicals)
will have to shut down.
And if that happens the past won’t be the same!
And if that happens neither will the present!
And if that happens…
(Well, use your own imagination for that one.)

But fear not help is at hand!

Enter Tom Tyme, time travelling pensioner, and Cat, his magical sidekick.
They’ll sort it.
Well, they would have if not for the fact someone has kidnapped them!

Where is the Jam?
Where are Tom and Cat?
Who can solve the mysteries?
Who can save the worlds?

But fear not, other help is at hand!

 If you can call it that.

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