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Hi, Iím Stefan and in 2005 I started something I had always wanted to do, write a book.
I wonít say it was easy because it wasnít. I was going to write the next big thing! A fantasy novel like no other. And thatís how it started off, for the first few pages or so. Most certainly not as easy as I thought it would be. I had a pen. I had paper. What was going wrong? Crumpled page after crumpled page flew into the waste paper bin. And then I realised something; I was trying too hard. The story had to flow out of me, not be forced onto the paper. I had to be comfortable. So I relaxed, started again, and found I was doing it, writing! But not exactly as I had expected. It was a fantasy novel, but with a difference, it had turned into a comedy. I had found the missing element. I was a writer of comedy novels. It explained a lot.
But that isnít it. I am still learning and found to my delight Ė the books were originally aimed at adults Ė that my books were being read by children. With this in mind, I sorted the books into age groups and wrote my first proper childrenís book. It can, by the way, be read by adults.

Danrite Willocky is its name. The world of myth, magic and make-believe is in trouble; no one is using their imagination anymore. So, with characters either disappearing or changing: Jose used to be a werewolf, but now heís a werechihuahua! They need help. They need a hero. Enter Danrite Willocky, half-giant, half-dwarf, all hero. Will he be able to save the day? Seven to adult.
What are my other books about? I hear you say. WellÖ

My first book. Miscreation. My nonsense book. A fantasy novel with a cast of ineptitudes. I think I just made that word up, but you get my drift. Musca, the chiefís son and also an idiot, manages to blow up the village they live in. But have no fear, he, Musca, will lead the survivors to safety. He has heard of a place his father spoke of fondly. There is no place like Ohm. Thatís what he believes he said, anyway. With disgruntled survivors. A creature who believes himself to be the Anarchist and his minions. And a Creator who misses the odd nought off of his calculations. Musca must find this promised land. Good luck with that! Teen to adult.

I then turned to the supernatural. No, not literally. My next two books, Strange Relations and Dead Peculiar follow the adventures of Richard Ross in his journey from life into death. Itís a good job he has four of his past lives to help him. You see, before he can do that, he needs to learn the last lesson of life. And to do that, he has to wake from the coma he wasnít supposed to be in.

Next came what you could call my favourites. Three books about Tom Tyme, the Time travelling pensioner. And heís not happy about it. All he wanted to do was collect what he felt he was owed, his pension, settle down on his old deckchair in his old shed, and mull over what he would do next. What he wasnít planning on, though, was becoming a time traveller. You see, what Tom didnít know, was that the male side of his family became time travellers when they reached sixty-five. Heís not happy about it. But not to worry, Cat will be there to put him through his paces. Sheís a cat, an Egyptian Mau, a magical one. Oh, and one other thing, his time machine is a portable toilet, a portaloo if you like. Sadly itís not bigger on the inside. It was supposed to be based loosely on HG Wells The Time Machine, but instead of a chair, Tom would have been sat on a loo. Thinking this might not be a pretty sight, I gave him a portable loo instead. We all need our privacy, after all.

And last but not least, my Christmas book. Not Just For Christmas. Three short Christmassy stories. Loved writing it. We have Tom Tyme in The Missing Christmas Sock. Richard Ross in A Christmas Richard. And a multitude of characters from Danrite Willocky in Prince Bottom Of does Christmas. A festive treat that Iím sure youíll enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing them. You, of course, donít have to wait for Christmas to read it. Itís Not Just For Christmas.

I hope you enjoy the books and the site, and please, if you have a moment, tell me what you think.

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