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Three Christmassy Short Stories To Enjoy At Any Time

The Missing Christmas Sock
'Where's me batteries?'

 (Time travelling comedy)

Tom Tyme the time travelling pensioner is at his wits' end.

His Christmas sock is missing!

Worse still, so is Santa!

What skulduggery abounds?
Follow Tom as he heads back into the past.
Will he find answers?
Will he find his sock?
Only time will tell!

A Christmas Carol Richard

(Supernatural comedy)

Richard and his past lives are back helping the living.
But itís not going to be easy.
Charles Dickens is being followed.
Rosemary, the plant psychic, is acting somewhat suspiciously.
And a chap called Marley thinks he has seen a ghost?
What is going on?
Thereís only one way to find out!

Prince Bottom Of does Christmas

 (New Fantasy comedy)

Santaís been, but what was he thinking?  
It's Christmas morning and there is not a toy in sight!
And worse, he hasnít touched the mince pies or sherry.
Has he gone mad?
Is he on a diet?
Or is there more to this than meets the eye?
You bet there is!

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