Our hero is back!

Tom Tyme
Pensioner - Shed Frequenter - Skinflint - Underpants Displacer - Time Traveller
is back for another adventure!


Paintings by Da Vinci are changing!
Someone is messing with the past and it's up to Tom to go back and sort it out.
Using only a digital camera and a code - Da Vinci written backwards on a piece of paper - 
Tom sets out to investigate.
Trouble is, Tom has more than Da Vinci to worry about.
His regular familiar Cat has gone AWOL.
And worse, her replacement, Brandy, is very much short skirts and ooh-la-la!

Will he discover why balloons have appeared on the Last Supper advertising unmentionables?
Will he ever see Cat again?
Can he keep his mind on the job or will the temptation of the odd Brandy prove too much?
Answers to these questions and so much more awaits us as Tom our not so intrepid Time Traveller
steps once more into the past!

Whoops! Hang about a sec!
He has to survive the rigours of the Turkey and Tinsel trip his daughter signed him up for first.
Oh woe is he!

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