Hi all !
       Now for the news:         The run up to Christmas has started! Hurrah! I know, it's only September but I've got to start sometime! Check out the events page.
                                             I will also be at Dragondaze mini comic con in October . Check it out. 
       More news: 
                                             I've started on my next book starring that time travelling shed frequenter Tom Tyme!!! With an eye on the sequal to Danrite Willocky!!
                                             Fingers crossed I don't start getting the two mixed up!! Now there's a thought... No, better not.


                                             The latest Tom Tyme is nearing completion!!
                                             Other Important News: The Shop page is undergoing an upgrade to accommodate worldwide sales.

                                             Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances, the next Tom Tyme will not be on the shelves this year. Thanks you for your patience.


                         And that's it for the mo.
                         See you soon.


                         Take care
                         Best Wishes








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