Hi all !
       Now for the news:   All done and dusted! The winter/Christmas events are complete!! Take a look at my events page.   
       And now for some more:   I've started on my next book starring that time travelling shed frequenter Tom Tyme!!! With an eye on the sequal to Danrite Willocky!!
                                             Fingers crossed I don't start getting the two mixed up!! Now that's a thought... No, better not.
       Other Important News: The Shop page is undergoing upgrades to accommodate worldwide sales. If the website you are looking at has just one SHOP page
please do not use it to make an order. My apologies but it seems in some cases the page has not been deleted. Thank you.

                         And that's it for the mo.
                         See you soon.


                         Take care
                         Best Wishes








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