Hi all !
       Now for the news:        Happy New Year! Can't believe it's nearly February already! Less than eleven months to Christmas!!! But, yeah, Spring and Summer first! 

                                            Talking of which... Shows are already being booked as I write!!! Check the  events page for further details.
       More news: 
                                             I've started on my next book starring that time travelling shed frequenter Tom Tyme!!! With an eye on the sequal to Danrite Willocky!!
                                             Fingers crossed I don't start getting the two mixed up!! Now there's a thought... No, better not.


                                             The latest Tom Tyme is nearing completion, just the final few chapters to go!! 


                         And that's it for the mo.
                         See you soon.


                         Take care
                         Best Wishes








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