Stefan Jakubowski in brief.

Home town Reading, where I was raised, lived and worked until 1995. 

Before chancing my arm in the literary world I held down numerous jobs which included leisure attendant/five-a-side referee (happy days), football promoter, barman, labourer, market trader, to name a few.

Hobbies: reading (obviously), horse riding (but not lately), walking, golf (handicap - yeah all the usual ones),
watching films (my all time favourite is Starship Trooper - you make your own mind up), astronomy
(I have a telescope and took some photos through it of the moon.) 
I also tried my hand at Tarot reading (seriously now) - which I did for free - but found I was quite
good at it, which was scary, so I stopped.

Member of The Welsh Academy, Yr Academi Gymreig.

 And that my friends - as they may say in the afterlife - is that.

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