Stefan Jakubowski in brief.

Home town Reading, where I was raised, lived and worked until 1995. I moved to
Aberystwyth for two years before moving on to Pembrokeshire. I now live with my wife Nia  in deepest Carmarthenshire.
(In case you are wondering about Peaches she passed away at the ripe old age of nineteen.)
Still miss her.

Before chancing my arm in the literary world I held down numerous jobs which included wood-machinist,
sawyer, leisure attendant/five-a-side referee (happy days), football promoter, barman, labourer,
market trader, to name a few.

Hobbies: reading (obviously), horse riding (but not lately), walking, golf (handicap - yeah all the usual ones),
watching films (my all time favourite is Starship Trooper - you make your own mind up), astronomy
(I have a telescope and took some photos through it of the moon.) and cat training!
You may scoff but how many of you out there can boast cats that sit when asked to? Okay,
I have treats at hand but hey! 
I also tried my hand at Tarot reading (seriously now) - which I did for free - but found I was quite
good at it, which was scary, so I stopped.

Member of The Welsh Academy, Yr Academi Gymreig.

And that my friends - as they say in the afterlife - is that.

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