You're dead - end of story.


At least that's how Richard Ross saw it. But he knows different now. Now that he's dead that is. When Richard Ross entered the afterlife he thought his worries were well and truly over.When will he ever learn? Trapped, with all hell breaking loose around him he needs help; the living kind. Can Marvo, a hapless hypnotist, and Rosemary Bloom, a plant psychic, really come to his rescue? Who knows! With his dead relatives besid him Richard sets out on a dangerous journey that will take them deep into their past. For Richard things are about to change from strange to peculiar. Dead Peculiar.


Excerpt from book:

The Chaplain swallowed hard, he knew he had no chance if the beast attacked. ‘What do I do?’                                                                                          

'Flutter your eyelids would be my guess.’                 

‘Be serious, I'm in trouble here.’

‘I was, I think he likes you.’

The Chaplain gulped. A moment ago he was worried about being ripped apart but now the ball was in a totally different and worrying court.  

‘What do I do?' repeated the Chaplain.

‘Keep still,' advised Sammy.

‘I can't, I'm shaking too much.’ 

‘I think he likes it.’ ‘What?’            
'The submissive bit. Look he's sniffing, he wants to sniff you.’

It was all too much for the Chaplain. Blown cover or no blown cover, he was not about to stand there and have his bits sniffed by some great slavering beast.


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