It all started once upon a time, a long, long time ago.
I had always been interested in writing and had dabbled awhile in poetry.
You know the sort, “I stared into my dark coffee cup blah-di-blah”, teenage stuff.
I missed the spots as a kid but copped a lot of angst.
Now this was going nowhere until one day my younger brother asked me to
help him with a History project. “Write a poem on War.”
As it happened I had one I’d written earlier.
To cut a long story short, my brother was told off for copying it out of a book
and my literary spark - which was really nothing more than a damp bedraggled
squib - took on a certain glow.
Well that is how it all began and as I have been heard to spout “The proof of the pudding...”
is really what’s between the book-covers.
I hope you enjoy the books and visit all the site, and please, if you have a
moment between all that reading and surfing, tell me what you think.

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